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How Does He Do It?

Many of my customers are amazed at the variety of products I can customize. There?s no magic to the methods I use to place pictures and text on objects, but there are some pretty neat tools at work here.

Laser Engraving

One of the most eye-catching items I do is the custom-engraved wine bottle. That item starts as an ordinary bottle of wine. Then, using our CO2 laser, which is linked to a computer, the image you want is burned into the glass.


For some of our glass items we use a mini-sandblaster and stencils to create designs in the glass. Etching the images in by hand gives us control over the process so that we can insure that each piece is just the way we want it.

Digital Laser Lathe

Another interesting machine we use has a photo-electric "eye" which can "see" the difference between black and white. It then translates the black/white image into a series of electric pulses which are fed to an engraving tool that etches a sheet of metal. Both the original image and the surface which is engraved are attached to a drum which rotates the items at exactly the same speed, so the image is transferred to the metal as it is read.

Always Ready to Try Something New

So, don?t hesitate to ask us to do something unique. If we don?t already have the machine to do it, you might give me just the excuse I?ve been looking for to get some new equipment!

A beautiful keepsake for the bride and groom.

CO2 laser etches a walnut plaque.

Brad etches a design with the sandblaster.

Laser digital engraving lathe.

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